Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grocery Day

It's Sunday and that usually means Grocery Day and my attempt to keep it under $250. This was the first time this year I failed. Grrr. And it's weird, because it doesn't seem like we bought that much. I really thought we would be under, not over.

Anyway, here are the numbers.

Spent: $257.24
Great Deal Savings: $33.34
MFG Coupons: $7.25
Store Coupons: $2.00

We are getting low on the coupons. All the wonderful loads of them we got at the beginning of the year are quickly running out. Guess I need to start looking for more on-line or something.

So $7.24 over. I know it is not much, but it is really upsetting me. I had been doing so well with the groceries. Guess I will just have to make up for it next time.


  1. went $25 over this week, but I think that is because I had to throw away a few things since we are going HFCS free...I'm amazed that, that stuff is IN EVERYTHING!! Ugh! Anyway, $7.24 isn't too bad!!

    Oh and get a Sunday paper every week. Unless it's a holiday it's going to have lots of coupons!!

  2. That's not so bad - don't beat yourself up over it!!