Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of the Year

I know, I know. What am I doing posting about a store the day before I am suppose to stop and unnecessary shopping. Well, we had some necessary shopping to do before we hit 2009. So what did we do the day before the New Year. We bought a new TV stand for the New TV. Our TV bit the dust a week ago when we were baby proofing. It was in DH's room, and has to have a TV. Luckily, his parents and Grandmother gave us money for Christmas and it ALL went to the new stuff. Luckily it happened before 2009. We hit IKEA, so we got a great deal. We also got a new storage unit for our recyclables. Another "extra" we are trying to correct. We have always tried to Recycle, but with this new "Cutting Out The Extras" we are going to make it a necessity. We need to cut out waste. And I admit, we have a lot of waste. So this new container will help me a lot to have a place in the house to toss the recyclables when I am busy cooking and such. I can write on the flip lid "Recycle" and the girls can help me. They will love putting stuff in there.

So while this trip spent some money on big items, it also bought something to help with our 2009 goals.

And with the end of the year comes the beginning of a New Year for the world and for my life. My 33rd birthday is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday to me!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Test Run

Today I took the girls to the mall. The mall with my very special store...Lush. Not only was there a Lush store, but they were having their AMAZING after Christmas Sale. I spent $150 on it last year. Now, do I need Lush? No. Do I need soap? Yes. Do I need expensive fancy soap? No. BUT... you knew there would be a but. It was on sale. Buy ONE get TWO free. I couldn't say no. We need soap and it was now cheap with the sale. So I bought ONE and I got TWO free. Plus I let the girls pick out a bath bomb each. Not needed, but it is not the 1st yet. LOL

However, I really did not break any of my rules. While we probably didn't need this specific soap or the bath bombs, I did not use my Credit Card. Yay me! I used some money I had that was not allocated for anything. I really really wanted to buy some of their Christmas Gift Boxes. Buy ONE get ONE Free. They had some great boxes. I had one in my hand, but I put it back. It was $60. I could have gotten another one for free, but we didn't NEED anything in it. The soaps really are sort of a need.

So, all that to say, not bad. I went into a Mall, bought a few things, but did not use my credit card. Good start!

Fit Day

Thanks to the lovely Brandie (who is my mentor and inspiration), I have set up my Fit Day Log. This is where I am going to learn about calories. She has been teaching me so much. So for the month of January, my goal is to log my calories. Not try to change them or eat less or anything. Just log and learn. Then once I am in that habit, I can work on decreasing them.

So here it goes, my food log.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rule #3 and Rule #4

Starbucks. Oh so good yet oh so expensive. I use to go daily but have been cutting back in an attempt to lose weight. So while discussing this new program I have decided on Rule #3. Only one Starbucks a week. I currently am down to two to three times a week. So now I will make it once a week. And who knows, maybe I will cut it out all together.

And now to Rule #4. This one is very doable but will require a lot more work on my part. Rule #4 No more then $500 per month on groceries. We easily spend between $250 and $300 every other week with a stop here or there for missing items. So our goal is going to be to keep under $500 total for the month. We can do it, I just need to be much more conscious of what we have in the pantry when we go shopping and look more at what is on sale.

Rule #1 & #2

Rule #1 is the main rule. Do not use the Credit Card. Simple as that. I only had one credit card. So it should be easy. And as long as I don't have it on me, that should make it easier. I have erased the CC number from any place I had it written down or typed out for easy access. Next, I need to remove it from any websites I frequented. Steve and I share this credit card. So he still has it. We will sit down and talk about his use of it. I am pretty sure he has another one and I know he has his work one (but that is strictly work used). So hopefully I can get him not to use this one either.

Rule #2 will be a hard one. Pay $200 to the credit care balance every month. I have actually just started this, but keeping it up will be hard. While I am a SAHM with no set income, I do run a small website. This website does generate a tiny income, but it also generates it's own costs as well. So a chunk of the money that comes in goes to upkeep of the site and running. Whatever is left, is split between me and my co-owner. I also get a very small allowance from my husband each week. It's my little budget. I also sell necklaces I make once in awhile or things around the house no longer needed. So my goal is to use all of this money for *my* needs each month but also making sure I save $200 to put on the credit card.

Welcome to Cutting the Credit Card

A lovely lady in my local Moms group has challenged us to a better financial future. So starts this blog. I am a SAHM with no income. My husband has a good job and we are financially stable, but we could be doing better. I am not good with money. never have been. My husband is amazing with money. So this is my attempt to be better with our finances. For my sake and the sake of our family.

My husband gave me an emergency credit card a few years ago. I was good with it at first but gradually got worse. Up until recently I was easily spending $200-$300 on it a month of non-emergency items. So, I am going cold turkey. I am cutting the credit card and not using it anymore. Most of the things I was using it for was items we did not NEED. However, I was also using it for any medical expenses.

So with help from my amazing husband and the lovely ladies in "The Year Without", I will not use my credit card this year and I will find other ways to cut back. Steve and I will go over the rules we want to set up for me and our family during this adventure.