Friday, January 30, 2009

Just saved us $1800

DH and I went to the Bank to open a new joint savings account for our 2011 Disney Vacation. While we were there, they reminded us we were pre-approved for a CC. Well, we told her thanks but no thanks. And then she just casually mentioned it would be 0% interest for the first 12 months on a transfered balance and continued on about our Disney Account. I guess DH and I both got to thinking. We are currently paying an outrageous 14.25%. So we asked her what the interest rate would be after 12 months and she said 7.9%. So we took our one CC bill that we are paying off, the CC I am working on not using, and transfered it over to this new one. It will save us at least $1800 this year. Woohoo!! We also plan to use our tax return to make a big payment, so maybe we will get it paid off this year if not early next year. So while my DH was frustrated with having to go into the bank with the kids today, he came out very happy with the results. LOL

Update on my week!
No Starbucks!!! That is my third week in a row.
I bought lunch one day while we were up at the school working on PTA stuff, but I have taken to buying just one meal for Keira and I to share, so it was only $7.00 and some change. I have learned if I use my one lunch out per week on a day when Sevi is in school, I save even more money then if I choose a day she is home. D'uh!
I made a payment on the CC a week ago.
I did spend some money at the Book Fair on some books for the girls and one for Julia's teacher. It supports the school and Julia needed some easy readers now that she has learned to read. So not too bad.


  1. Good job, Jamie! I applied to see if I would qualify for a balance transfer card and got denied, I was so sad. It would have saved us $300 immediately. :(

    SO proud of you about not having starbucks! That is quite an accomplishment! Way to go!

  2. 3 weeks without Starbucks?! You go girl! ;)