Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of the Year

I know, I know. What am I doing posting about a store the day before I am suppose to stop and unnecessary shopping. Well, we had some necessary shopping to do before we hit 2009. So what did we do the day before the New Year. We bought a new TV stand for the New TV. Our TV bit the dust a week ago when we were baby proofing. It was in DH's room, and has to have a TV. Luckily, his parents and Grandmother gave us money for Christmas and it ALL went to the new stuff. Luckily it happened before 2009. We hit IKEA, so we got a great deal. We also got a new storage unit for our recyclables. Another "extra" we are trying to correct. We have always tried to Recycle, but with this new "Cutting Out The Extras" we are going to make it a necessity. We need to cut out waste. And I admit, we have a lot of waste. So this new container will help me a lot to have a place in the house to toss the recyclables when I am busy cooking and such. I can write on the flip lid "Recycle" and the girls can help me. They will love putting stuff in there.

So while this trip spent some money on big items, it also bought something to help with our 2009 goals.

And with the end of the year comes the beginning of a New Year for the world and for my life. My 33rd birthday is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday to me!!


  1. Happy birthday, tomorrow! You're off to a great start!

  2. Happy birthday! You're going to have a good start to the new year it sounds like.

  3. Happy birthday! What a way to celebrate, huh? ;)