Monday, December 22, 2008

Rule #1 & #2

Rule #1 is the main rule. Do not use the Credit Card. Simple as that. I only had one credit card. So it should be easy. And as long as I don't have it on me, that should make it easier. I have erased the CC number from any place I had it written down or typed out for easy access. Next, I need to remove it from any websites I frequented. Steve and I share this credit card. So he still has it. We will sit down and talk about his use of it. I am pretty sure he has another one and I know he has his work one (but that is strictly work used). So hopefully I can get him not to use this one either.

Rule #2 will be a hard one. Pay $200 to the credit care balance every month. I have actually just started this, but keeping it up will be hard. While I am a SAHM with no set income, I do run a small website. This website does generate a tiny income, but it also generates it's own costs as well. So a chunk of the money that comes in goes to upkeep of the site and running. Whatever is left, is split between me and my co-owner. I also get a very small allowance from my husband each week. It's my little budget. I also sell necklaces I make once in awhile or things around the house no longer needed. So my goal is to use all of this money for *my* needs each month but also making sure I save $200 to put on the credit card.

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