Monday, December 22, 2008

Rule #3 and Rule #4

Starbucks. Oh so good yet oh so expensive. I use to go daily but have been cutting back in an attempt to lose weight. So while discussing this new program I have decided on Rule #3. Only one Starbucks a week. I currently am down to two to three times a week. So now I will make it once a week. And who knows, maybe I will cut it out all together.

And now to Rule #4. This one is very doable but will require a lot more work on my part. Rule #4 No more then $500 per month on groceries. We easily spend between $250 and $300 every other week with a stop here or there for missing items. So our goal is going to be to keep under $500 total for the month. We can do it, I just need to be much more conscious of what we have in the pantry when we go shopping and look more at what is on sale.


  1. The grocery rule is going to cause me troubles this year. The more I diet, the larger my bill is. Cheap food is so fattening!

  2. Groceries are a hard one! Good luck with that. Starbucks is hard too... but the savings + the lack of calories are great motivators!