Sunday, January 4, 2009

I did it!!! - $243.86

I did it! Well, WE did it. Gotta give DH some credit for all his work on the coupons. He is really good with helping me out with stuff. Coupons will sort of be his half of the shopping adventure.

Anyway, we spent $243.86 on 2 weeks of groceries. Just under the $250 budget I put us on.
We used 15 mfg. coupons for a savings of $13.30.
Store "coupons" for $2.70 of savings.
Promotional savings of $21.36
And Great Deal Savings of $39.69

They were having amazing deals on BOGO Free Sales. So we even bought some items that were not on the list because it was BOGO free and we just couldn't pass it up. Like the meats. How could we pass up a BOGO free Roast or Beef Tips (which the beef tips were already on our grocery list). We also got some BOGO free steaks for some chicken fried steaks.

Lots of other great BOGO on snacks for the girls and for their lunches.

Anyway, I am so proud of Steve and myself. We are taking this seriously and trying to make it work. This is a good start.

And just to add a little humor, this is what 10 inserts of coupons looks like (we bought an extra paper to get a few more coupons).


  1. Ugh! I totally forgot about the extra coupons today! I just told Aaron he needed to go get me a paper because I'm already in my jammies. I got the "you must be on crack" look! haha! Off to convince him he needs to go :)

  2. Awesome deals! Keep up the good team work!