Monday, January 12, 2009

Not much to report

S had gymnastics this morning. I usually drop her off and go get a Starbuck's, but today we stayed and watched. No more runs to Starbuck's during gym class. Then I had a doctor's appt. that cost $15. S kept asking i we could go to lunch. She does not understand money yet. I keep telling her that Mommy is trying to save money so we are going to eat at home. She doesn't get it. I ended up having left over ziti from the night before as did K. She decided her ham was not as yummy as my left overs. LOL And then I made meatballs for dinner. So other then the necessary doctor's appt., I did not spend any money today. Although I did send a link to a bathrobe to my husband to buy me. He owes it to me rom Christmas and my Birthday. Long story. And yet, he was still not able to order it because his work computer blocks it. Ugh. I am just destined not to have a new bathrobe. My 15 year old VS robe is just going to have to do.


  1. A new robe sounds nice. That's a good gift! Good job avoiding Starbucks & eating out!

  2. You are doing good on the saving thing. Keep it up!