Monday, January 19, 2009

The Week In Review

Last week was pretty good. I had a ew medical expenses we were not expecting, but I did not have to use my CC for them.

I had a doc appt. on Monday - $20
Took lunch to Juls and her BFF - $11
MRI Wednesday - $50
Friday - Friday was a weird day. $11.00

Friday I took the two younger girls to a jump town playdate ($11.00). Then we went to lunch with our friends and I left my purse at the jump place. So my girlfriend spotted us or lunch. Ordered and sat down. Everyone's food came and then our order came...minus mine and DD#2's. So we waited and waited. A waiter came by and asked what we ordered and then we waited some more. Finally I got up and found a manager and he got our food right up. He took our meals off the ticket and gave us a $5.00 GC to come back. I gave that to my girlfriend to cover DD#3's meal. So in the end, I got lunch free. Good karma I tell you. My girlfriend was kind enough to pay and then in the end we got it for free

I did not get a Starbuck's this week. Yay me! Although, I call it a make up for having two the previous week.

I don't have much on my schedule this week. I did take the girls to downtown or lunch with Daddy. Ended up spending $6.00 on DART fees because the DART would not print Julia's ticket. Grrr.

And then I am hosting a "Cash or Gold and Silver" party on Wednesday, so I hope to make $$$$ and not spend it. I bought snacks and drinks for this and it was included in my great grocery shopping yesterday.


  1. Good week! Good job on the no Starbucks!!

  2. A week without Starbucks? Go you!

  3. You are doing great Jamie!! I hate having unexpected stuff come up!! Glad you didn't spend on your CC.

  4. Sorry about your purse getting left. Glad you got the free meal. Awesome! I can't wait for the playdate, even though I have no kids. LOL!