Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick update

I used my one Starbucks a week already. And it wasn't worth. Talk about teaching me a lesson. It was good. Especially on the cold wet day that it was, but it ended up giving me a horrible headache. I guess I have decreased my coffee intake so much that the one (well, I only drank half) drink gave me a headache. So it may be time to give it up 100%. I still have other non-coffee drinks I know I will get pulled into the drive-thru for. But it will be easier to say no to the coffee.

I have not gone out to lunch yet this week. I don't plan to today either. Baby K was throwing up all night and running a fever. She seems much much better this morning, but we are going to take it easy at the house. So that only leaves tomorrow but S will be home and I am not sure I will want to take both the girls out. Especially since S has a birthday party in the afternoon. So I may just skip my one alloted lunch out this week. Not bad.

I have also made dinner every night this week. My husband travels. A lot! So it is easy for me to just order pizza or grab something and bring it home. I am too tired to make dinner when he is gone. But so far I have made dinner every night this week. I did not set a rule on this one because I knew that it will be a hard one for me to keep. So I didn't want to set myself up for failure. But knowing all the work I am doing in this challenge, I know that I will try to cut back on our dinners out. I am taking the girls out for dinner next Tuesday with friends, so I am trying to be really good about it this week.

I used a couple gift cards and I sold a couple of items that have been sitting in my house. So I would say a pretty good week thus far.


  1. The coffee headache was a blessing in disguise, huh?
    Good job cooking dinner & not using your lunch!

  2. yep great job cooking dinner, it is cheaper and more importantly healthier. I like being in control of what goes in my kids bodies.

  3. Good job!! I'm not doing so good on the not eating out :( What do the girls think about eating at home all week? Do they notice there's a difference?

  4. Sorry about the headache!! You are doing really good though!!

  5. Sorry your baby was sickly but, I'm glad she's feeling better. Sorry about your headache. Way to cut down on that caffeine though!