Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tomorrow is grocery day

This is going to be hard. How do I shop with less money but buy healthier foods? My husband and my girls have no problem eating all the frozen crap and such. I, personally love fresh veggies and fruits. They like the fresh fruits, too. But all the fresh stuff can get expensive. But if I am going to cut out the extra calories, I have to buy better foods. It's a sad, vicious cycle. Luckily, there is something like 5 inserts of coupons in Sunday's newspaper tomorrow. So hopefully I can find some good coupons to help keep me under budget. My goal is to not spend any more then $250. That is going to be tough. I am usually pretty good about what we buy. I make a two week meal menu and then make list based on the ingredients for those meals. So we don't usually just randomly buy things. So I am not sure where I am going to cut back. Hopefully the coupons is all I will need. We use to buy between $250 and $300 (closer to $300 a trip the past few months). So wish me luck.


  1. I suck at groceries 'cause I buy too much fancy stuff (like expensive cheeses). Hope you do well with those coupons!

  2. Good luck! Hope you have as good of a turn out as I did